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Wave on Wave

Kerri Lee

Seojung Art Busan is delighted to present Wave on Wave, a solo exhibition by Kerri Lee (b. 1987), on display from July 20 to August 31, 2023. Centered around the themes of blue and tactility, this exhibition explores the narratives woven by the color blue and the sense of touch, the latter of which the artist considers to be the most sincere of our senses.

Kerri Lee explores the concept of an invisible state of tension, encompassing contemporary life’s anxiety-in-nubibus, uncertainty, insecurity, and impatience towards an ambiguous future. Through this exploration, the artist delves into the discourse of human imperfection that stems from our inherent anxiety. By laying several canvases on the floor and applying blue paint in a liberated manner, the artist builds layers of color and form through seemingly irregular but purposeful brushwork.

Summer Waves No.11, Mixed media on Acrylic Panel, 25.5x19cm. 2023

Surprisingly, black strokes emerge within the white spaces, playfully drifting over the paint, infusing a sense of whimsy onto the canvas. The accumulation of deliberate and accidental brushwork, strokes, and colors offers a paradoxical portrayal of the artist’s pursuit of perfection juxtaposed with the imperfect nature of modern life, which is often fraught with anguish.

Summer Waves No.10, Mixed media on Acrylic Panel, 25.5x19cm. 2023

Lee explains that the blue she creates originates from ‘tactility.’ Every element surrounding her, such as the strength, temperature, and humidity of the wind flowing through the windows of a moving car, becomes a subject of curiosity and observation. The intensity of these tactile sensations stimulates her body, awakening the sensory apparatus within her cells.
As Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908-1961) stated in his book “Phenomenology of Perception,” the body, through its senses, unveils the existence of a new world it has not yet experienced. The sensations experienced by Lee’s body serve as the foundation for her expression of a new world through the most instinctive language of painting.

Kerri Lee describes her artwork as a sense of fleeting moments. With approximately 20 pieces featured in this exhibition, including new works, Lee anticipates that audiences will perceive an infinite sense of unity within their own bodies. Through the undulating motions and lingering afterimages of waves—whether they be tranquil water ripples or tempestuous tides—she aims to dissolve the boundaries of the tangible material world, which is often perceived solely through reason.

12, Bongeunsa-ro 47-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea