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The Other Face of Material

2023. 2. 1 – 3. 8
Gideon Kim, Sisan Lee, Asaran Jeong, Yeonhwa Hur

Seojeong Art is pleased to present 《 The Other Face of Material 》, a group exhibition featuring the works of Gideon Kim, Sisan Lee, Asaran Jeong, and Yeonhwa Hur. This exhibition focuses on the exploration of the boundaries and other sides of objects and phenomena through the eyes of these four artists, with a particular emphasis on their objection to dichotomous distinctions.

Gideon Kim, WMAC#2, Steel Frame, Polyester Rope, W63xD66xH61cm

Gideon Kim’s WM series of sculptures are crafted using wire mesh and rope, forming points, lines, and planes that are fundamental elements of art. These sculptures embody the aesthetics of simplicity and feature regular patterns that create a solid silhouette and sophisticated aesthetic beauty.

Sisan Lee, Proportions of stone_table(detail cut), stainless steel, natural stone, 160x175x75cm, 2019

Sisan Lee’s refined artistic language is based on the pure essence of materials. He explores the relationship between nature, human-made artifacts and humans by creating objects, furniture and spaces. Lee often employs stone and stainless steel in his work, and the combination of the two materials emphasizes the individuality of the natural stone and the artificiality of stainless steel, which subsequently brings out the tension between the natural and the artificial.

Asaran Jeong, Composition of Perception #1, light panel on resin, backlit print, 89×120cm, 2022

Asaran Jeong’s layered works explore the intersection between the real world and the virtual world, and the unseen data that connects them. Jeong views digital data as an illusionary remnant, an ephemeral presence, rather than just a series of virtual coordinates. She uses fluid, flowing forms to express the movement and trajectory of digital data in her art.

Yeonhwa Hur, A Day When I Was Struck by Lightning, 2022

Yeonhwa Hur delves into the fluidity of water through various forms of sculpture, silkscreen, and painting. Hur often explores landscapes related to water, seeking out sensations that deviate from the daily experiences of the human body. She imbues seemingly unrelated objects and events with a story, similar to how liquids of different properties naturally blend together. Through this connectedness, Hur aims to break free from compartmentalized spaces in her work.

《 The Other Face of Material 》 is an exhibition that delves into the discovery of the once-hidden, tacit significance of materials, going beyond conventional understanding. We invite audiences to join us as these four artists take us on a journey to uncover the unique qualities and potential—the other face—of various materials.

12, Bongeunsa-ro 47-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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