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Hidden M Gallery, Artist Kang Eunhye

2020.9.10 – 10.10
Eun Hye Kang

Hidden M Gallery is holding a solo exhibition “Unfolding [line]” by Eun Hye Kang,
This exhibition shows works that bring inspiration felt in space to the plane in parallel with the string installation work and unravel it in the artist’s own way. This work implements a folded space by making it look like a three-dimensional figure by using the visual illusion of lines.
This new flat-panel works, consisting of open and leaping lines, symbolize not only the wrinkles of space, but the time, traces, and memories that have passed. Flat lines also extend from two to three-dimension.
In her work, ‘line’ is the language of space. In the current COVID 19 era, people go through non-face-to-face days and think about the distances of human relationships.
With “Unfolding [line]” exhibition, you will get time to share the concept of the space viewed from an aesthetic point of view and the effects derived from the line, which are geometric elements of the space.

HIdden M Gallery
L floor Zepo building, 16, Nonhyeon-ro 86-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 539 2346