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Yeon-Woo CHA : Festival

2022. 11. 11 – 11. 25
Yeon-Woo CHA

Dong Soong Gallery is pleased to announce an invitation exhibition by Yeon-Woo Cha, the (so called) “Flower Artist” who is active in Sydney, Australia, from November 11th to 25th.

Her works, presented in the invitation exhibition, fill the screen brightly with a variety of visually diverse shades and compositions, and you can fully feel the atmosphere of the festival as the exhibition name suggests. Unlike other artists who draw flowers, Yeon-Woo Cha’s expression is unique and original. The artist’s unique work method, which builds up layers of sand and fountains on canvas for general oil paintings and acrylic paintings, creates a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere by adding three-dimensionality that has been dismantled and reconstructed into petals. Showing a unique charm by the sticky matiere, which is secretly attached to the primordial and unique background color of the flower, her art work differentiates from other abstract artists’ works that compete simply by color. Her work seems to be repeated, but the exquisite combination of different compositions, wavelike similar colors, and complementary colors make viewers mesmerized.

Through this exhibition of Dong Soong Gallery, you can see the world of Yeon-Woo Cha’s works, where you can feel the combination of colors and compositions that are more formatively dense and bright and lively than the expressions shown in her previous works.

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