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2020.10.6 – 10.17
KIM Myungsoo

KIM Myungsoo, harmony, oil on canvas, 100×80.3cm, 2020

When I’m faced with variable nature which gave us gorgeous and touchable emotions, I used to imagine a lot of things that I can do. On one autumn day, I lean my whole emotions on ginkgo tree which turned into yellow leaves. Twigs were swaying in the breeze, and underneath the falling yellow leaves magnificent orchestra playing through the imagination. At this moment, my project began. Music always get together with nature that I was impressed. And it expressed through the person who feels music in nature and plays those emotions. Music blooms from instruments and performers, orchestra surrounded by cozy rhythm. The harmony of nature and performers make us to concentrate on music of nature. And we can feel infinite beauty over the pure shape of ’s itself. Hopefully you could Feel the beauty, through my just in a pure state.

KIM Myungsoo, Harmony 2, oil on canvas 130.3×97.0cm, 2020
KIM Myungsoo, Harmony 2, oil on canvas, 53×40.9cm, 2020
KIM Myungsoo, 김명수 Harmony6, oil on canvas 53×45.5cm, 2020

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