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KO, Jiyoung, Pictures that cause discrepancy

2020.9.21 – 10.8
KO Jiyoung

KO Jiyoung, oil on canvas 72.7x91cm, 2020

KO, Jiyoung’s work is ambiguous in regards to whether it was intentionally drawn, and hesitates between design and the geometrically abstract, finally choosing to reluctantly settle on an abstract form, colour and texture. It is a work that crosses and blurs a certain boundary, vibrating between picture, substance, form, brush and colour. Within the frame, there is definitely a ‘form’ which appeals to the eye. This is not a subject or object which exists in the real world, but something which was summoned for the purpose of the work, which corresponds to an inevitable piece of evidence or sign of the process of the its creation. The sign, which is reminiscent of something not unlike a house, or piece of architecture, or inanimate object, is presented upon solitude and loneliness.
It lingers like the smallest hint, the minimal indication, or remains as if in a state of incompletion, chaos, and indecisiveness.

94 Bukcheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 514 8888