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Ways of Seeing

2020.9.24 – 10.10
Jin Kyu Park, Chanoo Park, Young Wook Choi, Jun Kun Choi, and Seung Woo Hwang.

Since COVID-19, our society has entered a completely new era. The untact has become a new norm, as well as so-called home ludens. While managing the quality of living against the frustration of self-quarantine, the significance of home has become clear.
JJ Joong Jung Gallery views the home as the cube-an exhibition space, and so wishes to create a cosy experience with our artists Jin Kyu Park, Chanoo Park, Young Wook Choi, Jun Kun Choi, and Seung Woo Hwang.

Artist Jin kyu Park’s ‘Untitled’ is a space made of acrylic paints stacked one by one with a syringe. By changing various colors and patterns, the artist builds his own three-dimensional space on a flat two-dimensional canvas.

Chanoo Park’s ‘Engram’ tells us the accumulated time in the tracks of our memories by overlapping time. Using an encyclopedia as an object, several photographs explaining the same title were superimposed on a sheet to express the blurring in time and the traces of unconscious things and remains.

Young wook Choi’s creates the Moon Flask shape with a desire to look like the simple yet extremely refined Moon Flask.
And in it, we draw ‘Karma’ our way of life. According to the artist’s expression, it is a moon jar and sympathy in the heart. The line on the moon jar is also an abstract expression that describes the relationship and life history of the person who meets and then part, that is, the way of life.

Jun Kun Choi’s ‘Sea’ is a quiet work that provides the comfort of a blank space. The black basalt fragments from Jeju Island are drawn in ink, and the only thing that makes up the image is a white background and black stones. The blank space on which the basalt is placed is the sky, the sea and the sandy beach. It forms the setting for the Jeju coast, but the landscape eventually becomes the stage for the viewer.

Seung Woo Hwang’s “Head” shows various faces depending on the look you see. It allows us to see the multiple self within us. This gives us time to reflect on our true selves in times of chaos. You can have time to reflect on yourself through the message of the work in the space for reflection.

We hope you appreciate our exhibiting space nestled in nature, aiding your self-reflection during our exhibition.

JJ JoongJung Gallery
7-12, Pyeongchang 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 549 0207