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Natural Being

2022. 7. 4 – 7. 13
KIM Keun Joong

kimkeunjoong(金謹中). Natural Being(存在)21-6. 162x130cm. Pigment, Mixed Media on Canvas. 2021

Known as an artist who explores existence, KIM Keun Joong still does not stop asking constant questions about existence itself. In this exhibition, the question also appears as a topic of the artist’s lifelong work. While dismantling it, it catches the natural flow by capturing the moment without going against the phenomenon.

Natural Being(存在) 22-18 35×27.5cm Pigment Mixed media on Canvas 2022

His recent works, which may be considered a presentation of objects, are stacked with a number of overlaid or layered aggregates of gauze. These materials appear intuitively to be representations of color, but beneath them are numerous layers of invisible color. This is the internalization of numerous stories, narratives, and thoughts of the past that our present faces, and serves as the existence or representation that we now encounter.

Natural Being(존재, 存在)21-38. 53.1×45.7cm. Plaster bandage, pigment. 2021

“In the beginning, there was no such a thing as good or evil. The concept of good or evil only exists in our thoughts. Therefore, this troublesome world that we live in is just a world of flower.” he said, giving a glimpse of the artist’s thoughts on the basis of repeated activities of representation, abstraction, and monochromatic from the 1980s to the present.

Gallery Doll
87 Samcheongro, Jongrogu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 739 1405