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Why does a company sponsor art?


Hansol Paper, a longtime sponsor of Kiaf SEOUL, is the largest paper company in South Korea that focuses on its corporate value that ‘paper is a messenger of history and a vessel that contains culture.’ Hansol Paper has been building and operating the ‘Hansol Paper Museum,’ one of the largest museums that embrace national treasures as well as Korean papercrafts since 1997. Hansol Paper has also won the first Mécénat Awards for Creativity. In particular, the company has been working as a sponsor of Galleries Art Fair and Kiaf SEOUL for a long time with a special affection for the development of Korean art. In 2013, the company established ‘Museum SAN’ in Wonju which is considered to be one of the largest museums in the rural area.

The invited lecturer, Junsung KWON, Hansol Paper General Manager Marketing Team, has been in charge of exhibition planning, construction, and operation of Hansol Cultural Foundation, Hansol Paper Museum, and Museum SAN since 2000. Moreover, from 2015 to present, he has been responsible for the branding part of the marketing team. We will have time to hear about the positive effects that companies earn through art from the perspective of an expert who is in charge of the cultural and artistic sponsorship as well as the company’s branding for nearly 20 years.


Junsung KWON (General Manager Marketing Team, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd.)