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Accelerating Realities


Speakers: Keem Jiyoung, Heecheon Kim, Inbai Kim

Moderator: H.G. Masters

Date: September 9, 2023

Does “time” today feel different than it used to? Is digital technology warping our relationship to the physical world? How are our bodies and minds responding? Are we trapped in a series of historical recurrences or in an inescapable social-media doom loop?

As the many rapid changes in our environment and society become increasingly difficult to comprehend, artists working today are attempting to explore and capture the strange, uncanny, and tragic qualities of contemporary life.

In this conversation with three leading artists—Keem Jiyoung, Heecheon Kim, Inbai Kim—we hear about their process of constructing artworks that reflect on recent transformations, and deformations, that have taken place in societies around the world. By looking at their highly individualized artistic practices, this conversation will seek to uncover artists’ unique approaches to grappling with a world spinning ever further off its axis.