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Korean Modernism Painting, Romanticism in History

KIAF 2019

KIAF ART SEOUL 2019’s Special Exhibition ‘Korean Modernism Painting, Romanticism in History’ calls upon landscapes, still lifes, figures and thoughts of modenr time in a diverse and dynamic space of Korean Contemporary Art. In a period of robust tradition and fascination about modernism, paintings reflected on flowers, people, and everyday life in one’s own space within the eyes of beauty. The circumstance of securing mundane day or fierce spirit in art from fifty years ago has to be the driving force for today’s Korean Contemporary Art. Full of sensitivity, satire, and dignity, Korean Modernism Paintings represent the romanticism in a specific time and now appear before us in the name of the history.



CHO Eun-Jung, Visiting Professor, Korea University



KWON Okyeon, KIM Kichang, KIM Whanki, NOH Soohyun, TO Sangbong, PARK Kosuk, PAK Nosoo, PARK Raehyun, PARK Sangok, PARK Saengkwang, PARK Sookeun, PARK Youngsun, BYEON Gwansik, PAEK Youngsu, SUNG Jaehyue, OH Chiho, LEE Daiwon, LEE Manik, LEE Sangbeom, LEE Jungseob, YIM Jiksoon, CHANG Ucchin, CHUN Kyungja, CHOI Youngrim