Seeing the Deep Resonance – Korea Modern Contemporary Abstract

KIAF ART SEOUL 2020 Special exhibition ‘Seeing the Deep Resonance – Korea Modern Contemporary Abstract’ is selected pieces from the 1950s in which the beginnings of Korean Abstract Art, divided into three sections regarding philosophy, concept, and technique, up to the present. This exhibition will provide an opportunity to take a step closer to how Korean modern abstract art developed in a broader perspective of the genres.



Kyuseong HWANG, Korea Institute for Culture Industry (KICI) Deputy Director



KIM Hyungdae, CHANG Seongsoun, QUAC Insik, YOO Youngkuk, RHEE Seundja, LEE Seungjio, HA Indoo, KIM Whanki, RYU Kyungchai, YUN Hyongkeun, CHOI Wookkyung, KIM Youngjoo, NAM Kwan, KIM Tschangyeul, PARK Seobo, LEE Dongyoub, LEE Ufan, CHUNG Sanghwa, CHUNG Changsup, HA Chonghyun, PARK Sukwon, SONG Youngsu, MOON Shin, CHUN Kookkwang, UM Taijung, SHIM Moonseup, Kwon YoungWoo, PARK Rehyun, PARK Nosoo, LEE Ungno

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