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COEXISTENCE: Beyond Existence and Coexistence

2021. 11. 29 – 12. 30
Nakamura Kazumi, Oscar Oiwa

Installation view

A group exhibition titled < COEXISTENCE: Beyond Existence and Coexistence > of Nakamura Kazumi and Oscar Oiwa is currently showing at Keumsan Gallery. The exhibition runs from November 29 to December 30. We ask for your interest and support.

OSCAR OIWA, Peace Under Maintenance, Oil on canvas, 137 x 178 cm, 2015

Artist statement of Oscar Oiwa

When I look outside my hotel window, I see all kinds of people, all kinds of houses, and I think about how every individual experiences something different in their day-to-day lives.

And well, I’ve spent years in cities all over: along with Tokyo, I’ve lived in New York, Sao Paulo, and Paris. In the face of all this diversity, I always find myself wondering what unique thing I can bring to being in the time I am on this planet.

NAKAMURA KAZUMI, A Bird in its Existence111, Acrylic on cotton, 227 x 180 cm, 2006

Review of Nakamura Kazumi

Nakamura Kazumi (b. Born 1956, Chiba, Japan) currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He began his career as an artist against the backdrop of Japanese post-minimalism painting, which developed at the same time as neo-expressionism in America and Europe.

His works are interconnected but grouped into distinct works, each with a unique characteristic that curator Mika Yoshitake calls “abstract semiotics”. According to Yoshitake, “Nakamura’s work maintains an important commitment to abstraction through both personal and political semiotics. His method of repeatedly drawing a set motif over time is not an individual and self-sufficient work, but Nakamura’s approach to the history and conceptualization of images in terms of the structure in between (discordance between several series of works) is deconstructed (more The ideal reflects interest in the subversion of the fixed medium without engaging in self-reflective critique of the essence of painting) and textuality (in the contingent, partial, open, non-autonomous situation).”

Keumsan Gallery
Namsan Platinum, 46, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 3789 6317

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