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MSCHF_대림미술관 전경

We live in an era of rapid change, marked by overproduction and constant evolution. What perspectives and insights are necessary for modern individuals navigating such a society? Answers to this question can be found in the upcoming exhibit titled “MSCHF: NOTHING IS SACRED” by the artist collective MSCHF at Daelim Museum, beginning on November 10th.

NOTHING IS SACRED_Section4_Photo by Daelim Museum 

This exhibition, co-organized by Daelim Museum and MSCHF, is the world’s first museum display for the collective. It will encompass over 100 artworks spanning interactive games, objects, paintings, and performances. True to their name, which suggests “mischief,” MSCHF presents works that are both playful and provocative. They infuse familiar everyday items with groundbreaking ideas, cleverly highlighting certain societal phenomena. These artworks achieve their full realization through audience participation, manifesting MSCHF’s artistic vision.

NOTHING IS SACRED_Section4_Photo by Daelim Museum 

The exhibition will be divided into five sections based on the hidden meanings and nature of MSCHF’s creations:

The ARCHIVE section will digitally reveal eight magazines that embody MSCHF’s core values, including limited-edition works and new project proposals. The MULTIPLAYER section comprises artworks presented in the form of black humor-influenced games. It introduces games devised by MSCHF that evoke participation and competition around seldom-gamed topics like society, economics, politics, and investment. The FRAUD FOR ALL, FRAUD FOR ONE section displays works reflecting MSCHF’s critical view of the irrational structures of contemporary society. This section title suggests that collective actions can sometimes justify means, or an individual’s attempt to counteract unjust systems can become personal gain, questioning the legitimacy of such outcomes. The fourth section, titled FOR EVERYTHING ELSE, THERE’S MASTERCARD, borrowed from Mastercard’s 1997 brand campaign slogan, examines the duality of commerciality and scarcity through artworks spanning luxury brands, food, pharmaceuticals, books, and more, all presented in limited editions. The fifth NOTHING IS SACRED section showcases artworks that echo MSCHF’s statement that controversies merely strengthen the message within their creations, attracting greater attention.

Daelim Museum will host the MSCHF: NOTHING IS SACRED exhibit from November 10, 2023, to March 31, 2024. Visitors can expect to experience the world through MSCHF’s playful, satirical lens, viewing it as a playground, discovering issues, and drawing inspiration from a unique perspective.

21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul