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Gomgom and Chanchan

Ham Jin, Lee Kyungmi, Cha Minyoung, Kim Youngsup, Kang Bora

The ‘little things’ that you might miss if you look at them casually, but discover them if you stop and look closely! In this exhibition, we look for four words in contemporary artworks that are linked to the meaning of ‘small’ and ‘little’. ‘tiny’, ‘narrow’, ‘low’, and ‘dense’.

강보라, 내 컴퓨터, 2022, 모바일 기반 증강현실, 태블릿, 가변크기

Use a magnifying glass to enlarge Ham Jin’s artwork (tiny), look through the gaps in Lee Kyungmi and Cha Minyoung’s artwork (narrow), listen to the sounds in Kim Youngsup’s artwork (low), and observe closely what fills Kang Bora’s artwork (dense).

김영섭, 케이블 도자기 그리고 소리II, 2022, 스피커 케이블, 스피커, 사운드, 가변 크기

Make friends with ‘Gomgom’ who thinks deeply and ‘Chanchan’ who is meticulous, and discover a fun, new way to understand contemporary art through the active act of viewing that uses many of your body’s senses.

이경미, Utopia on the Periphery, 2014, 자작나무 패널에 유채, 108x266cm

5F, Office H, Hyundai Department Store PanGyo, 20, PanGyoyeok-ro 146beon-gil,Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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