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Transparency, Curiosity, Inspiration

2022. 8. 2- 8. 26

Kate BAKER, Toshio IEZUMI, Sungmi LEE

The basic material of the work is all transparent plate glass.
However, the way they approach and the world they see through their works are different.

Installation view
Kate BAKER_Within Matter #7_2021_h100 x w120 x d3 cm_UV flatbed digital print on toughened glass

Australian artist Kate Baker is proficient in photography, sculpture and glass, and blends all genres. She prints the movements of the human body with human experiences, emotions, and memories on a glass plate, summoning them in the form of a sculptural person and leading them into a three-dimensional realm. The artist wants the ‘Within Matter’ series presented in this exhibition to be seen as a sculpture rather than a photograph, and the intention is to set it on the floor as freestanding.

Toshio Iezumi_F.220601_2022_h10 x w36.5 x d29 cm_Laminated, carved and polished float glass, Half mirror, UV_Adhesive

Japanese glass sculptor Toshio Iezumi joins plate glass and inserts a translucent mirror between them to sculpt organically, overlapping the outside world reflected through the curved shape and his reflection from the translucent mirror. The physical properties of glass that can transmit, reflect, and refract light change the work according to the surrounding environment and the viewer’s point of view.

Seongmi Lee__The Collection of the Lucky Memory_2022_ø82 x d14 cm_Mixed material

Korean installation artist Seongmi Lee combines the shattered cullet into fragments of memories with time added, and the memories are reconstructed as a new past and reborn as a single fragment. While witnessing the wreckage of the site of a major car accident in the past, personal experiences became the motive for the work, and she goes through the process of healing by facing the works made of glass fragments collected at the scene of the accident. Repeatedly overlapping soot by burning incense on plexiglass is also a form of personal ritual and prayer, reflecting the act of meditation.

Gallery Sklo
1F. 29, Dasan-ro, 16-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 2236 1583