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Kiaf SEOUL 2023 Highlights

Kiaf SEOUL 2023 presents 20 artists in the section titled “Highlights” who have been selected from a pool of more than 150 wonderful artists named by the participating galleries. Artists in this section have been carefully and fairly evaluated by curators, professors, critics, and producers actively working in the art circle.
Artists from different fields and at different places in their careers have been selected, from talented and promising artists to established artists who deserve more attention. Detailed criteria were used in the evaluation, which reviewed not only the level of completion and originality of their works, but also considered whether they reflect the contemporary age and are key artists promoted by the participating galleries.
Artworks by the 20 selected artists are among the top pieces presented at Kiaf SEOUL 2023. “Highlights” will serve as a channel that sheds new light on more artists and galleries, and we hope that this program will develop into Kiaf’s signature program in the future.