THE SELF – Road · Light · Relationship


2020.12.4 – 12.17
Sungwon Hwang

황성원 Sungwon Hwang Untitled 2020 Archival Pigment Print 90 x 60cm

The exhibition THE SELF by Sungwon Hwang’s 4th solo show (2GIL29 GALLERY, 4 – 17th of December) will depict light and the artist’s artificial movement. THE SELF shows the process of confusion of the camera lens clashing with light waves and diverse objects, which results in a somewhat ‘new’ image.

Sungwon Hwang’s photographs deny the quality of objective replication and also disagrees with the idea of a one sided emotional expression by the person behind the lens. However the works are coincidental results and records of certain conversations between the subject and the artist. When the camera lens is open in the process of taking a photograph, an image depicting the ‘subconscious’ becomes the output. Therefore, the artist’s works contain creative philosophy which is far from ordinary memories from the past and a certain sense of ‘newness’ is melted in the artist’s photographs.

황성원 _ Sungwon Hwang Installation views, 2GIL29 GALLERY 2020

The somewhat unrealistic and irrational photographs suggest new dimensions that can not be observed in reality through intensive movement and speed. As a result of this process, all of the works are named ‘Untitled’ in aspiration of the works to enjoy freedom not being restrained in certain genres. Every second and minute of light, the artist’s artificial movement, and atmosphere animates the imagery. These images contain painterly elements such as colors, movement, light, and countless lines which resemble abstract paintings. Moreover, the works show that the artist is not afraid of creating an alien form caused by coincidental immersion between different elements. “In our journey of unexpectations, the warm light that brightens our life comforts and encourages our day to day.” As the artist mentioned, hope this exhibition offers a moment of re-discovery of individuals’ ego and comforting souls.

황성원 Sungwon Hwang Untitled 2020 Archival Pigment Print 30x20cm

Sung-won Hwang
Artist Sung-won Hwang graduated from Seoul National University of Technology, where she obtained both BFA and MFA in applied painting. This exhibition at 2gil29 Gallery will be her fourth exhibition, and she has participated in numerous group shows. She was selected as a 9th Term Artist in Seoul Art Space Jamsil (Seoul) at Seoul Found for Arts and Culture in 2018. Also, she received awards including Grant for Disability Arts & Culture Support (Fostering Creative Activities) – Selected by Arts Council Korea in 2018 and 2020, and A new artist of space D9 2019 in publication, magazine projects, and exhibition collaboration with craft related companies.

35, Gangnam-daero 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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