[LIVE & TALK] Azulejo Gallery

2020.10.10 18:00 (Korea)
Language : Korean/English

JHU, Pigeon, 2020, Mixed media on canvas, 130.3ⅹ162.2cm

Azulejo Gallery has prepared a live painting by JHU as an exhibition-linked event for !
Artist JHU, who has a wide spectrum of media and expression, expresses the secret stories of artist’s abyss freely and sensibly. In addition, the artist’s different views on the two media are also very interesting which seems to rearrange the various elements of media art. Then, What if you could watch a painting that feels like a patchwork quilts by live? Enjoy live painting in JHU’s studio, which is like a huge art work!

LIVE & TALK : https://www.instagram.com/azulejo_gallery/

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