Ineffable Things (Media Special Exhibition)

Media artists are often overlooked in the sense of traditional art history. They are analyzed in the perspectives of techniques and humanities in these days, but we are missing quite a lot in there. KIAF 2017 ART SEOUL Special Exhibition invites the artists who impressively used the contemporary media. By exploring the ineffable and untraslatable things, visitors will encounter the integrated forms of materials and minds, experiencing the essence of the media art.






KANG Hong-goo, KIM Joon (media, installation), KIM Joon (audio), Na Hyun, BAE Yoonho, PARK Jihye, AHN Sungseok, Yangachi, YOU Ziesook, LEE Kang-so, JUN Soohyun, JUNG Seokhee, JUNG Sungyoon, JUNG Yeondoo, CHOI Sungrok, Kayip, KIM Cheol Yu, HA Taebum

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