KIAF 2010

Artist Project (Gwangju Biennale)

As the KIAF 2018 ART SEOUL’s special exhibition, Gwangju Biennale presents ‘ARTIST PROJECT’, showcasing works by four artists participating in this year’s biennale. Given Gwangju Biennale’s historical significance and its presence in the international art scene, the special collaboration with KIAF ART SEOUL provides a unique intersection with discussions around contemporary art and the art market. Featuring installation artworks by Lais Myrrha (Brazil), Mark Salvatus (Philippines), Ayoung Kim (Korea), and Sunghong Min (Korea) the special exhibition showcases new works that are porous in the ways they engage with history and each cultural context.



KIM Sunjung, Gwangju Biennale, President



Lais Myrrha, Mark Salvatus, KIM Ayoung, MIN Sunghong

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