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Explorers of Experiment and Challenge (50 Years of Korean Performance Art)


After ‘Mu’ and ‘Shin Jun’ group’s performance ‘Happening with vinyl umbrella and candle light’ in ‘Chungnyun jakka yeunlipjun’ in 1967, Korean Performance Art is in continuous developmens with different titles such as ‘events’ in the 70s and ‘performance’ in the 80s. With the finest talents and the internatioanl recognitions, the pioneers of the Korean Performance Art including Ku-lim KIM, Seung-Taek LEE and Kun-yong LEE have been establishing their solid positions in the history of art. The Special Exhibition will present the archive of the Korean Performance Art after the 60s through the records of photographs, videos, articles, newspapers, artists’ notes, letters, posters and leaflets.



YOON Jinsup