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Two Ways of Expansion of the Art Market: Online and Regions


The positive change the pandemic brought about to the art market suggested the possibilities of the market expansion through online platforms. The galleries which were more active in-person had to come up with solutions for new customers and approaches based on the rapidly changing environment, as well as to recognize the situation in which the barriers towards the art market have been eased due to the expansion/sharing of information through online. This would have had positive impact on the overseas expansion of international galleries. The discussion by Mark Rappolt, Editor in Chief of ArtReview, Sara Sohye Chun, Sales Director of Hauser&Wirth, Senior director of Perrotin, Uli Zhiheng Huang and Park WonJ, Director of One&J gallery, who all have a long experience as gallerists, will reveal the current status of galleries responding to the pandemic and the new roles and directions of the galleries in line with the rapidly changing times.