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Post-War Abstract Art in Asia


Post-War Abstract Art in Asia: Major artists from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan will discuss their artworks in relation to artistic contexts. Park Seo-Bo, one of the leading artists in Dansaekhwa; Takesada Matsutani of Gutai in Japan; and Ho Kan of Ton Fan Group in Taiwan. The three artists developed their own idiosyncratic styles of art which were abstract, pictorial or performative. While they represent different art idioms, the artists also touch base on global issues as well. This conversation will lead us to think of their artistic motivations, underlying aesthetics, and generational features as well as aesthetic differences from the West



PARK Seo-Bo (Artist)

HO Kan (Artist)

Takesada MATSUTANI (Artist)


CHUNG Yeon Shin (Professor of Hong-ik University)