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The Artistic Break-Through and Reconfiguration of the Self


Just like anyone who commits to a creative task, the artist also encounters challenges where he/she attempts to perfect the work or simply be satisfied with the result. Throughout this process, artists put great amounts of effort grappling with their artistic concerns, eventually leading them to an artistic breakthrough; a realization of their unique language captured in their work. KIAF ART SEOUL 2019 invites two respected artists, Taek-Sang KIM and Jin-Woo LEE, to speak about their own break-through stories. In spite of their different working environments, they share certain commonalities in the process of establishing their own artistic language. The personal effort to engage with their artistic concern is embedded in the work, and at the same time, the perception of the self, art and the world is reconfigured through the process of making and creating. Artists would like to share their experience, wisdom, and knowledge with all art-lovers.



Kate LIM (Art Writer and Curator, Director of Art Platform Asia)

KIM Taek-Sang (Professor, Department of painting, Cheongju University)

LEE Jin-Woo (Artist)