New Tendencies and Possibilities of Art in the Postdigital Age: Art market. of New Aesthetic Sensibility

The advancement of digital technology is fundamentally reshaping our lives and culture. Although we cannot fully understand the depth of such profound social changes, art has always continued to evolve in new ways by responding and adopting to the pressures of change.
If so, how are young artists today, a generation of digital natives, creating art and communicating with each other? In other words, how are the ways people create, distribute and appreciate art, and their attitude towards art different today from the days of analog technology?
In the digital age when everything in the world is shifting from atom to bits, art is also facing a new era of change and possibilities. This presentation will be a time to understand some of the new arts of the post-Internet era. In addition, we will discuss the emergence of a new art market along with the expansion of new aesthetic sensibility.



Jinsuk SUH (Director, Ulsan Art Museum)

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