SONG Eunjoo: < Sky Literacy >


2020.9.25 – 10.8
SONG Eunjoo

Gallery FM is pleased to present Sky Literacy, a solo exhibition of artist SONG Eunjoo.

< Sky Literacy > is an independent exhibition displaying around 40 cedar workpieces that use cedar wood for the material. The painting of the skies permeated into the cedar wood is also a painting of nature expressed in lines, knots, rings, and nodules of the heartwood.

SONG Eunjoo has expanded works from flat paintings into shaped canvases, objects, three- dimensional art, video art, video installation, and concert and video art by communicating with the audience. SONG Eunjoo has been working on various media outlets under the theme of “Sky Aesthetics” for years to evoke viewers’ feelings about the sky.

The work, < Sky Lotus_Green and Pink Combination >, is a masterpiece that shows the artist’s ability with 15 cedar paintings connected.

Along with the flat painting, the sky’s abstract image is produced as a cube object and a long rectangular object, making the exhibition space of Sky Literacy more colorful.

SONG Eunjoo majored in Western painting at Ewha Woman’s University and Hongik University graduate school and has a Ph.D. in video media at Ewha Woman’s University. Like SONG’s academic spectrum, various exhibition activities, including painting, media art, and installation art, allow her to look into the 40 years of deliberation.

Through the SONG’s own method accumulated over a long period of work, SONG Eunjoo created cedar painting in the original method of her own across analog and technology. SONG’s works are housed in various places, such as the Seoul Museum of Art and this Pandemic urges us to look for ways to communicate without contact.

You can appreciate SONG’s works through KIAF SEOUL 2020’s online viewing room, and SONG Eunjoo hopes that < Sky Literacy > communicates comfort so that, though weary hearts drag us down, we may look up to the skies and straighten ourselves up.

2F, 57 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 737 4984