Gallery Grimson X KIAF ART SEOUL 2020

[LIVE & TALK] Gallery Grimson

Shim Sung Young, art director of Gallery Grimson

Gallery Grimson opened in June 2008, in Insadong, Seoul to communicate with artists, collectors, and curators as well as people who love art through a wide range of contemporary art. The gallery has directed various mediums of art exhibitions such as sculpture, painting, photograph, installation, media art. We have found and presented budding artists creating works with original ideas while addressing to public art projects and offering art consulting and management services. Through participate in Korean and overseas art fairs, Grimson is trying to introduce Korean contemporary artists and works to international art galleries and museums. We have pioneered a new art markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Germany to expand our network. Gallery Grimson has a plan to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with renowned art museums and galleries in order to continuously promote Korean artists and the gallery itself.

Five artists, Chae Sung Pil, Choi Ji Hoon, Hwang In Ran, Lee Ji Hwan, and Lee Tae Ryang, participate in KIAF ART SEOUL 2020. Most of them are rookies. Gallery Grimson has planned this exhibition showing works of various genres from figurative painting to abstract art. Chae Sung Pil based in Paris uses refined natural pigment from soil to express earth space. Soil and water as well as gravity create flowing marks. Cracks, layers and creeks are not artificial but rather naturally and accidentally made. Through the cut and paste collage technique, Choi Ji Hoon reconstruct the time and space of celebrities and expensive cars in order to express the subject matter’s many different stories and relationship with the complex structure of society. Hwang In Ran presents a woman figure with symbols to reveal her inner self. In her paintings, viewers can see a variety of animals such as eagle, butterfly, peacock, and flowers; these elements symbolize diverse characters of a woman. Hwang shows a female character aiming for a different world, not conforming to current rules. Lee Ji Hwan paints on mulberry paper by using Asian techniques. He believes the difference between a human being and AI robot is to read books, but AI robot reads tons of books in his paintings. His works reflect the boundaries between a human being and AI robot have become blurred. Lee Tae Ryang presents abstract paintings on the subject of Propositional Form which indicates the question of the relationship between existence and thought. His works display a high level of unconsciousness coupled with abstruseness. By using various kinds of symbols, numbers, and letters, Lee shows humans and the universe are connected to each other. To sum up, Gallery Grimson provides audience with various genres of artworks from figurative art to abstract art in KIAF ART SEOUL 2020.

Gallery Grimson
22, Insadong 10gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 733 1045