ByungHo Lee Solo Exhibition< Three Shades > at SPACE SO


2020.9.17 – 10.25
ByungHo Lee

SPACE SO holds a solo exhibition of ByungHo Lee, one of the artists participating in the KIAF ART SEOUL 2020, from 17 September to 25 October. In this exhibition, we introduce his new works of the “Anthropometry” series.

The series of silicone sculptural works, which he has worked on since 2006, reveals the empty part, or what is invisible but existent, behind the contour lines (surfaces) as air inside the silicone goes out. While the silicone sculptural series reveals invisible beings in the way of altering the surfaces, the Anthropometry series uncovers diverse forms of movements and existences that are invisible but existent beneath the lines by destructing the surfaces and contour lines. To that end, the artist duplicates a prototype multiple times and makes the inside come to the surface by breaking up the lines and surfaces. His Anthropometry series creates movement through destruction and reconnection, undergoes another process of disconnection and combination and continues their transformation by uniting with the surfaces that are existent in another time, creating another surface.

Bust, 2020, acrylic on sculpture, 40x16x14cm

Bust, 2020, plaster on sculpture, 47x16x11cm

At SPACE SO, you are invited to see his new works and series that are currently on view at KIAF ART SEOUL 2020. We look forward to your interest and attention.

Following Adam’s Pose, 2020,polyurethane,wood, wire, iron, plaster,235x285x240cm

ByungHo Lee has held seven solo exhibitions and participated in a number of exhibitions including museum exhibitions and Biennales at home and abroad, and is still actively engaged in his work. Seoul Museum of Art, Art Bank of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Busan Museum of Art have his works in their collections.

Torso, 2020, color plaster on sculpture, 40x110x35cm
Torso, 2020, color plaster on sculpture, 40x110x35cm

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