2020.9.16 – 9.29
Sukju Lee, Mangeun Kim, Jongdoo Lim, Sungchul Choi,  Daesung Kim, Sara Lee, Jongsun Kim and Donghun Lim

Originally scheduled to show in KIAF ART SEOUL 2020, but since it is cancelled by the Covid-19 outbreak, the exhibition KIAF in BON GALLERY will be held at BON GALLERY. A variety of artworks curated and planned for the display in the exhibition booth in KIAF 2020, will be shown in the gallery space alternatively in a reduced scale. Despite restricted conditions due to the pandemic, Bon gallery launched KIAF in BON GALLERY to find a way to continue its artistic communication with audiences.

In the ‘KIAF in BON GALLERY’, Bon gallery presents 8 Korean artists with around 40 artworks in the gallery. In addition to introducing a wide range of artists, ranging from established artists to young artists, the exhibition will also feature a wide range of genres ranging from painting to sculptures.

Discover Sukju Lee’s works who is characterized as the first generation artist of hyperrealism as well as Mangeun Kim and Jongdoo Lim’s paintings who work using Korean traditional materials such as stone pigments and Korean paper in their creativity. You will also find inventive sculptural works created by Sungchul Choi and Daesung Kim who broke down the boundary between painting and sculpture. And also the dreamy and amiable artworks from young artists, Sara Lee and Jongsun Kim. In addition, you can see Donghun Lim’s sensuous qualities of his painting mixed with unique materials such as film and silicon.

B1, 299 Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 732 2366